WEREGILD was wrought from the desire to create a very specific brand, but without a craft at the center. In late 2013, Marissa Oswald met jeweler and shop owner Angela Monaco. Monaco immediately took Oswald under her wing, teaching her the basic skills and ways of the trade necessary to become a metalsmith. Months (and much time spent alone in a corner with saw + file) later, Oswald launched her brand, WEREGILD, based on gothic geometry and minimalism; 'yin and yang,' per se. Often inspired by things as miniscule as the way a shoe lace lays to the grandeur of a baroque Cathedral, Oswald thinks, first and foremost, of shapes that complement, not just rest upon, the human frame. Executed through both lost-wax casting and straight up metal fabrication, each piece is designed and hand-made exclusively by Oswald. All materials and tools are sourced from small businesses on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia, PA.

What makes WEREGILD most different is a disregard for the fashion industry's bi-seasonal agenda. New pieces will continue to be added to each collection after it launches. Only once all aspects of a collection have been explored can a new collection, organically, begin. 



None of us are immortal, and neither are our possessions. But as long as you're alive, Oswald promises to tend to your WEREGILD talismans. If your jewelry needs re-plating, polishing, or the re-setting of a stone, she will happily mend your jewelry. A minimal fee may apply for things such as the replacing of parts or precious metal re-plating. 

Bought your boo the wrong size ring or forgot that they prefer silver instead of gold? No problem. We may gladly accept any item in exchange for the exact piece you were searching for.

Email marissajoswald@gmail.com to start a conversation about exchanges, jewelry care questions, feedback, and the restoration of your gilded goods.